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Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation - The Fast Growing Service Provider For Citizens

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According to Gujarati pronunciation, “Ahmedabad” word converted to “Amdavad” and being pronounced since long.  ahmedabad municipal corporation was first established during the year 1950.  At the time of establishment, this corporation was responsible to look after 12 wards of the city.  But later increased population also enhanced the heavy load of looking after of more than 43 wards.  City is presently spread in the area of  259 sqkm.  ahmedabad municipal corporation is having density of population more than 18400 human being PSKM.  In the Dariapur ward of the AMC, this density is on the top as more than 3700 human being residing in PSKM area. municipal corporation ahmedabad is handling some of the major responsibilities for its residents, like Drinking Water Supply, Correct and smooth sewerage and drainage water facilities, Smooth functioning of various roads inside the city, Adequate Lighting, education to the wards of residents, medical facilities, Fire fighting facilities, maintenance of parks and gardens for general public and local transportation.   The city was founded by Ahmed Shah.  He was the ruler of Gujarat in medieval period.  In this city both Hindu and Islamic architecture is visible as impact of both the communities was on the city for a long time.  municipal corporation ahmedabad also looks after various looms being run in the jurisdiction of the city.  Large number of textile mills exists there and reason being the city called “Manchester of the East”.

AMC has to do much more than the shouldered responsibilities.  Various social duties are also discharged by the AMC rather than the assigned jobs. One of the major responsibility is supply of drinking water to the residents.  Overall, the water resources available at the city are filled from sore water.  Purification at large stage is the prime responsibility and then supplying to a large population within the city area. Smooth transportation facility is also one of the major responsibilities.  Regular maintenance and renovation of the roads inside the city and close outskirts is a tough job but AMC is doing it.

Apart from the stated above, entertainment arrangements are also in the list of responsibilities of AMC.  To host various fairs and festivals for routine entertainment of the public is also the job of AMC.   People who love fun and adventure, can find a lot for them in the city by the great efforts put in by AMC.  Internationally famous Kite Festival of Gujarat is organized here every year by the efforts of AMC itself. 

AMC has been divided into the 9 wards according to its constitution and 43 sub ward and commanded by 3 corporators.  North west zone is recently included in the list of zones of the AMC.  The addition was made during the year 2006.  For the purpose of selecting the governing body of AMC, an election is conducted there. Organizational structure is made after the elected body of AMC. Municipal commissioner is the head of AMC for its administration.  Though State Government monitors the activities of AMC but the organization has sovereignty for taking the decisions for betterment of citizens.

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